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Since the PS4 was first announced it was instantly the must have next generation console for us gamers. Packed with a updated customised processor, the PS4’s performance is 10 times the speed of it’s predecessor the PS3. Did you know that you can get yourself a Free PS4 yes you heard correct, Free! Read our Free PS4 guide and we will show you, how you can get you’re Free PS4 without paying a single cent, courtesy of FreebieJeebies.

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“How can FreebieJeebies be offering a you a Free PS4?” is what you are thinking, right? That is exactly was I said to myself when I learnt about the ‘Freebies scene’. But after doing my research I learnt it was possible because of Affiliate marketing. To Break it down, you complete 1 trial offer with FreebieJeebies advertisers, this could be taking out a new bank account or doing a trial offer, and the advertiser pay FreebieJeebies, and FreebieJeebies pays  towards your Free PS4, it’s simple as that! the advertiser has a potential customer and you get your Sony PS4. It only takes 15 minutes! 

I got introduced to the Freebies scene 5 years ago, just like you I was searching where could I get myself a Free Console, and from that day I have not looked back. I can now get my wife and children the latest games consoles, iPhone’s even iPad’s without having to fork out my own cash. Just recently I placed a custom order to buy my wife a iPhone 5S, which she was over the moon about.

That is the best thing about FreebieJeebies you don’t just have to stop after you get your Free PS4, after you have received your gift you can place custom order’s (once you register there is a section to place customer orders) where you get in touch with the staff and they can order you any gift you want! So you can get that brand new HD TV you wanted or maybe just a bank transfer to you account, the world is your oyster and full of freebies.

How to get a Free PS4?

Get your Free PS4 is a easy process, once you have registered with FreebieJeebies by clicking Here you will see a vast amount of offers from renowned companies GoDaddy domains, Santandar bank, Sky Digital and that’s just a start. With all these offers it can be confusing what is the best and fastest offer to complete, however at we have done the hard work and recommend the best offer for you to complete.

From user’s around the world, from the U.K to all the way in USA, the best international offer is the Grammarly to complete this offer all you must do is sign up to it’s free trial annual plan with valid details and its easy as that, that’s your offer approved and you get your PS4. If you don’t want to do that offer the next best offer is the GoDaddy offer where all you must do is buy a $7 domain name and that’s it. Would you be willing to pay $7 for a PS4? 

For a more detailed guide on getting your PS4, check this free PS4 Guide out now! Free PS4 Guide

PS4 Specs: The PS4’s CPU is similar to a mediocre gaming PC regarding graphics and game play smoothness. Compared to the Xbox One which is has the same CPU as a low budget gaming PC, the PS4 looks to be winning the next gen console sales. Plenty of games such as Tomb raider, Battlefield 4 and Fifa 2014 have been compared on the PS4 and Xbox one and the results were astounding.

During gameplay all 3 games ran and 1080p on the  PS4 whereas on the Xbox one it rendered at 720p, that is a surprise even for PS4 fanboys to see that games are lower quality on the Xbox and as a result this has swayed a lot of gamers views and therefore this is being shown in hardware sales as every 2 in 3 person we interviewed from 1,000 gamers would get the PS4 free over the Xbox one.


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